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January 30 2018

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Tracking That Goes Beyond Location

Traditionally, a global positioning system (GPS) had the capability to locate objects utilizing satellites. That was the extent of the GPS Tracker. Objects detected were large ones, such as cars, planes, and boats because they were quite big. So much has changed with advanced technology that GPS Tracking is now a sophisticated system that provides information way beyond location.


A GPS Tracker is now available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and appearances. There are some that are virtually undetectable. Trackers are now a standard device on most vehicles, weapons, cruise ships, cellular phones, and electronics, among hundreds of other items. Thin trackers can be placed in pallets of inventory, luggage, money, collectibles, briefcases, books, and backpacks.

This provides several advantages to individuals, groups, and businesses. Items stolen in a burglary, for example, can be located faster by law enforcement officers. Retail businesses can keep track of inventory and other businesses can locate laptops, tablets, and smartphones given to employees. It is now possible to place a tracker in or on just about everything.


In addition to providing the location of an item, GPS Tracking can be used to gather valuable information. One example is the type of tracking device used in the trucking industry. It provides vital information regarding safety, efficiency, and areas needing improvement. Reports can indicate the speed of the truck, the direction, the hours driven at one time, and the braking patterns of the driver.

Routes can be traced to determine if time can be saved by altering streets or travel hours. Maintenance alerts can be set for mileage or months, and temperature can be monitored on refrigerated trailers. The detail of these GPS Tracking reports can let managers, trainers, and schedulers know if the driver needs more training. It will indicate if the driver and truck are within safety regulation compliance and reduce the loss of inventory that is temperature sensitive.


The monitoring services are what makes GPS a successful tool in business. Monthly reports from a company are helpful to a certain degree but do not provide real-time information. An interactive service that allows access via dashboards, provides twenty-four-hour monitoring, and is offered on a monthly basis is ideal. Devices can be simple tracking devices, boxes that include sensors to indicate essential conditions or complicated systems that can be essential to the success of a business. These devices have come a long way from locating vehicles.

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